Monday, March 1, 2010

Hey everyone check out Zeb's website he's making. It's the

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a busy but fun Saturday we just had. In the morning we had a going away party for my best friend Katie, who is moving to Wisconsin. It was so fun to see my close friends from high school and catch up.

Then that evening we had an early B day party for Zeb. His birthday is on Monday but we both have to work that day, so we did it early. We went out to eat with Scott and Sarah and Ginny and Devan at Magleby's. Then met up with Katie and Court after at our place for cake and ice cream. Zeb is the big 29!!! Hard to believe he's almost 30!

Christmas '09

Here were some of our favorite things about this Christmas...

Going to see the lights at Temple Square

Lights at Hogle Zoo

Decorating the house for Christmas for the first time

Christmas at my mom's

Having my sister Nora and her family stay with us

Stocking presents

Our family gift- new t.v and stand!

And another thing that was awesome in December is we finally got our table refinished and I found a table for our entry way! Our house is finally coming together (after almost a year... but that's okay!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sunday, December 20, 2009

So last night Zeb and I watched "Julie and Julia" for the first time and I must say that it inspired me in a number of ways. #1 to be a better cook. I want to bust out all of my cookbooks from the drawer they've been hiding in, dust them off and actually use them. And #2 to blog more. Not just to use it to post updates on our life but to actually share more of my thoughts. So I guess that can be my New Years Resolution goals for 2010. Ya, that's doable, I like that!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Western Caribbean Cruise

So I haven't had my lap top for a while so I'm just updating our blog! Zeb and I spent an amazing week on our first cruise to the Caribbean a little over a month ago. We went with my dad and step mom and had such a fun time! I seriously think we lucked out on this cruise because everyone in our tour group and been on tons of cruises and they all said that ours was the funnest they've been on. We had such amazing weather the whole time, great entertainment, the funnest ship and the funnest people in our group. I'll tell you more about them later, but all around I don't know how our next cruise will top this one!

So, where to start? Well on our way to Cape Canaveral we stopped by the Kennedy Space Center and looked around. I had never been there before so I really enjoyed that. But honestly I just couldn't wait to get to the ship and get the cruise started that I didn't pay much attention. We'll have to go back again.

Finally we pulled up to the ship and all of us were just dumbfounded. The thing was huge!!! We spent a good few hours just wandering around trying to get our bearings and see all there was to see. It was fun watching the ship set sail, and I was totally expecting to get sea sick and I didn't get sick at all- it was great!

Our first stop was Haiti. Royal Carribean owned part of the island and so that's the only part of the island we saw. We went exploring and found "Dragon's Fire", walked along the beach and then both fell asleep in hammocks! It was the definition of relaxing!

We then headed to Jamaica man. We went to Dunns River Falls and hiked up the water fall and had so much fun with all the Jamaican's. They are just as I imagined them to be and what you see in the movie's. It was "Hey man" this and "Hey man" that and "man" after every sentence. I just wanted to take one home with me! Zeb on the other hand had to disagree, he didn't love them like I did. His only reason was because they were quite pushy when trying to sell us stuff and when we were wandering the island he felt like one was going to snatch me or something. You could definately see the poverty there but it was still so beautiful!

After Dunns River Falls the driver drove us all around the island. They drive on the opposite side of the street there and it frieked us all out a little bit. Zeb called it "organized chaos" the way they drive and I couldn't agree more. Everwhere we drove looked like a rainforest with trees that reached up to the sky practically. It inspired me to write a song about it entitled "organized chaos". We'll see how it turns out :)

Perhaps one of my favorite stops was the Cayman Islands. It was unlike any of the others, it was increadibly nice, no one haggeling you for money and you could just tell they had so much money there. Here is where we swam with the stingrays and went snorkeling- it was so much fun!

Our last stop was Cozumel Mexico. We mostly just shopped and hung out there. I loved seeing main street there, it reminded me a lot of the Cayman Islands. Really nice shops, really nice people, not super pushy. It rained on us a little while we were there, but we still enjoyed it.

Besides the beautiful view of the ocean for an entire week, I think my favorite thing was just to have 8 days to not have to think about anything and be with Zeb. I also love the gratitude I feel as I travel to different places in the world. You see so many different kinds of people and cultures- all different, all unique. It really makes me grateful that I live where I live and reminds me again how much I've been blessed with!
So, I'm now planning our next cruise because now I'm addicted... dang it! I'm thinking a Mediterranean cruise! Ya!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a week! It feels good to finally catch my breath. I'll spare you from giving you all the details, and just stick to the highlights.
To start the week off we were able to go with Ginny and her parents to the Draper temple to do the temple work for her brother Charlie. What an incredible experience! The spirit was so strong witnessing to me once again how important family is and how powerful the bonds are that connect us.
Also this week my sister Nora was in town. I love the family time we get when she comes to town. She stayed with us Sunday night and of course we stayed up till all hours of the night talking! And who can forget our unique camping experience over the weekend. I'll tell you about that later.
Also, one of my mission companions came to town this week from Texas. Audrey and I were actually companions twice on the mission, in the MTC and then again about half way through our mission. So we got together with Randall, Schellenburg and Bonner and stayed at Hogi yogi until they had to kick us out cause they were closing! It was soooo good to see them and catch up!

One of the other highlights of the week was our family camping trip that turned into a sleep over at Ryan's. So, the reader's digest version is this-
We tried to camp at Murdock Basin up in the Uintah's. The weather man said it was only 30% chance of rain so we thought we would risk it. Bad choice. We were meeting everyone up there Friday after work. My family was going up earlier to have everything set up and be ready for us. We had to meet them at the trailhead parking and then would pick us up from there in the rhino and take us off roading up to the camping spot. We got there and there was no sign of them. We sat there waiting for them for over an hour. The sky kept getting darker and darker with clouds, then came rain and still no sight of them.
Little did we know what drama they were going through. They made it to the campsite and dropped off most the stuff. They broke the trailer hitch getting up there. Then on their way back down to get the rest of the stuff it started hailing and snowing on them, leaving them all soaked and their stuff drenched. When they tried to come get us in the rhino it broke down, so they tried to pull it with the truck and the rope busted.
By the time they got to us practically everything was broken, wet and freezing! Poor things!
It was almost midnight by this point and we were all starving, so we drove back to Park City, ate at Wendy's and then all crashed at Ryan and Sonja's.
And what would ya know- Saturday was bright and sunny.
We were determined to make the most of our weekend and decided to hike up to Bells Canyon.

It was a beautiful hike with a gorgeous view of a waterfall at the top and the valley below. I was especially proud of my mom for making it to the top. She just had surgery on her rotater cuff in her shoulder and was quite the trooper. There were times that we had to help her over some pretty big rocks on the path because she couldn't pull herself up and over them with her hurt arm- but I can't help but make it a comparison to life. There are times when we all need others' help to pull us up and over some of the trials we face in life, but that's why we're here and that's what family is for.